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Settled $ 15,000 $ 5,000 $ 36,000
Client Owed $ 80,000 $ 70,000 $ 70,000
Settled $ 19,500 $ 4,000 $ 7,500
Client Owed $ 60,000 $ 65,000 $ 50,000
Settled $ 2,500 $ 3,500 $ 6,000

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IRS Harassment

IRS harassment stories have become common to average taxpayers. It's true that most IRS agents perform their duties respectfully and with competence. However, sometimes IRS agents abuse the power they are vested with and disregard taxpayers' rights.

Los Angeles Tax Attorneys have worked out a viable action plan for defeating IRS harassment:

  • Consider the IRS agent's actions;
  • Determine if the actions of IRS agent are unreasonable or even establish taxpayer harassment;
  • Appeal unreasonable actions through formal appeals or informal chain of command appeals;
  • Assist the taxpayer in dealing with the underlying tax bill.

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When the State Board of Equalization Audited my Los Angeles automotive business in 1994, the auditor presented us with a bill for roughly $45,000.

By the time I hired Alex Gluzman, the bill ballooned to about $70,000. I was honestly scared.

Finally we got a ruling in our favor and I ended up paying only $10,000.

This is my story and I am sure I am not the only one.

Val Seifert, Los Angeles, CA
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